High-Tech Agribusiness Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, 26 agribusiness projects with an FDI volume of $919.1 million were implemented between 2003 and 2020 (fDi Markets). These companies are serving the Caribbean’s $369 billion market and 30 million local consumers, along with 30 million affluent visitors to the region each year.

Benefits to Investing in the Caribbean’s Agricultural Sector


Excellent Climate


High demand for supplies from the local market and tourists with significant export opportunities. 


Public and private land is available for agricultural use in the Caribbean.



Investors benefit from local and global programs investing in the Caribbean’s food security initiatives.


The Caribbean’s agricultural talent is ready to add value to any operation.


Agricultural Export Opportunities 

A variety of trade agreements increase the Caribbean’s agribusiness market size to $38,419 billion and 941 million customers. This has created opportunities for investors in specialty food products. For example, the Caribbean is growing the world’s finest cocoa - one of several high-value agricultural export opportunities available within the region.  As another example, 1 million tonnes of sweet potatoes are produced in the Caribbean annually for export.

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