Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean



The Caribbean’s renewable energy investment opportunities are unparalleled and the result of aggressive government targets, the availability of public/private partnerships, and the availability of the region’s natural resources.

  • The Caribbean holds 2,525.9 MW of potential solar energy. With 300 days of sunshine, the Caribbean offers a multiple of the average solar insolation as some of the world’s largest solar power markets, such as Germany.
  • Wind energy has an estimated potential of about 30,000 MW, and at the top sites, the average annual wind speed is well above commercially successful wind farms in continental Europe.
  • The industry could develop up to 9,700 MW of hydropower capacity. The region’s minimum proven potential of more than 6,280 MW offers tremendous opportunities in production.

The renewable energy ecosystem of companies and regional partners supports investment and expansion. View renewable energy investment opportunities here or contact a CAIPA member for more information.