The Caribbean Has Talent to Fuel Your Renewable Energy Project

Over 2,000 energy workers are trained and ready to be employed at competitive wages across the Caribbean. New technologies are being developed and deployed in our rapidly expanding energy market, many of them being tested at local universities.

Educating Renewable Energy Talent

Universities throughout the Caribbean have developed programs to train the next generation of renewable energy leaders. For example, the University of the West Indies (UWI) offers students the opportunity to earn an MSc in Renewable Energy Technology. This Master’s programme will provide expertise to build capacity in the region and open possibilities for further study and research. This programme has been developed in line with other International programmes, such as the University of Loughborough Renewable Energy Systems Technology MSc., the MSc Renewable Energy programme at University of Flensburg, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and other universities in the United Kingdom.

The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech,Ja.) has the Caribbean Sustainable Energy & Innovation Institute (CSEII) which is also designed to advance renewable energy education and collaboration within the region.