Investment Opportunities in the Caribbean’s Technology & Support Sectors

Expanding BPO operations are choosing the Caribbean as their affordable nearshore facility, benefiting from a distinct cultural affinity, educated workforce, and reduced operating costs.

Available and affordable energy, a multi-lingual educated staff and an enjoyable business climate make the Caribbean ideal for expanding BPO operations.  In addition, affordable office space, incentives and tax credits are available for qualifying  BPO companies.

It Comes Down to Talent

The Caribbean’s greatest asset, in the technology and support sectors, is our talent. Abundant talent is a rarity, especially when it comes to finding highly educated talent that is ready to work. The Caribbean offers global companies an opportunity to bring their headquarters or a division of the company to a location where they are sure to find employees to fill positions ranging from entry level to upper management.

View BPO investment opportunities here or contact a CAIPA Secretariat member for more information.