Caribbean AgTech Summit

The CAIPA Secretariat hosted the Caribbean AgTech Virtual Summit on October 5-7, 2021. The region’s agricultural industry is bolstering productivity, decreasing costs, and mitigating the effects of climate change by adopting powered equipment and advanced technologies. The AgTech Summit provided investors, stakeholders, and entrepreneurs with information on opportunities within the region and how to capitalize on them. 

This summit explored opportunities for agricultural technology companies in the Caribbean. Promoting investments in the AgTech industry is a key part of the association’s broader plan to empower and increase the wealth of its farming communities, and a major platform in attracting international businesses.

The topics covered during the summit:

Day 1:
Expanding Agribusiness in the Caribbean through AgTech
Why the Caribbean is the right place for high-tech agriculture investments

Day 2: 

A review of the investment opportunities in key markers segments. This included: root crops, agroprocessing, the fruit and vegetables industry, honey industry, meat and fish products industries, and medicinal herbs.

Day 3:

A Roundtable – The Future of AgTech in the Caribbean. The panel of experts shared their insights as they discuss the challenges of AgTech Expansion in the Caribbean and how to overcome them.

Attend the AgTech Summit 24/7

Watch the videos below to hear presentations and enjoy the benefits of attending the Caribbean AgTech Summit from your home or office. For more information on investment opportunities within the Caribbean, contact us. 

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