Find Your Talented, Educated Workforce in the Caribbean

The Caribbean’s workforce is enterprising, multilingual and highly educated. With a cultural affinity to the U.S., UK, and Europe, the Caribbean’s workforce not only speaks the language, they also understand the culture. This cultural understanding makes for a seamless integration of a company’s Caribbean division with their headquarters. 

Fast Facts:

  • 82.3% of the Caribbean’s workforce has an advanced education - well ahead of OECD’s 76.6% 
  • The Caribbean has a 95% literacy rate
  • Our workforce is loyal - companies experience a 95% retention rate
  • There are 95+ universities in the Caribbean, graduating over 80,000 students annually 
  • Companies can hire entry level to executive-level workers due to our strong university system and presence of growing multinational companies
  • It costs less to hire top talent in the Caribbean than in the U.S.