Site Selector Resources for the Caribbean

CAIPA Secretariat offers site selectors a one-stop destination for data, support, and information on the Caribbean’s investment opportunities and available sites. CAIPA Secretariat members are comprised of Investment Promotion Agencies that include over 300 professionals trained to be an effective liaison between investors and their respective governments. Our members have only 1 objective - to make the process of investment in the Caribbean both seamless and uncomplicated. Contact our members for information and assistance.

Reasons to Bring Your Client’s Project to the Caribbean

The Caribbean boasts of European educational and infrastructure standards with Caribbean hospitality and beautiful weather. Our region is among the top recipients of FDI in the world. There were 247 foreign direct investment projects into the CAIPA region from 2015 - 2020 with yearly investment increasing by 25.9 percent, from 5.8 billion to 7.3 billion USD over that same timeframe (fDi Markets, 2021). We’re attracting annual net inflows of up to 39.9 percent of GDP from overseas, making it clear that investors are choosing the Caribbean (UNCTADStat, 2020). 

Fast Facts:

  • Real estate and salaries cost less in the Caribbean than in the U.S. 
  • The Caribbean’s cultural affinity with the U.S., UK, and Europe makes it easy to do business here
  • Private/public partnership opportunities are available 
  • 95% literacy and retention rates
  • Our workforce is multilingual, speaking English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Manderine Chinese