The Caribbean Is an Ideal Location for High-Tech Agribusiness

Invest in the Caribbean where 26 agribusiness projects with an FDI volume of $919.1 million were implemented between 2003 and 2020 (fDi Markets). Great economic opportunities exist through the application of technology in high-growth, high-value agro-industries.

Invest in the Caribbean's Growing Agricultural Sector

The Caribbean is a $369 billion market with 30 million local consumers and 30 million affluent visitors to the region each year. A strong local demand for agricultural products (15 CAIPA Secretariat countries import 94% of their food), combined with tourist demand for specialty products like strawberries and mushrooms, has created significant opportunities for investors.

The Caribbean Has an Ideal Climate

300 days of sunshine, diverse microclimates, and rich soil conditions make the Caribbean ripe for agribusiness expansion.