ibex Sets New Standards for Digital-First Customer Experiences

ibex Sets New Standards for Digital-First Customer Experiences Main Photo

8 Oct 2021


In today’s fast-paced, web-centered world, customers have more choices at their fingertips than ever before. This high level of competition has made the end-to-end customer experience (CX) a critical component to building brand loyalty. When it comes to connecting people to products and services ibex, a leading global provider of BPO and CX technology solutions, is setting a new standard. ibex has grown 397% in the last three years, moving it rapidly from being the 17th largest outsourcing company in one of its operating geographies, Jamaica, to being number one in terms of employment. In addition to being recognized for growth, ibex has been recognized for performance. Leading industry analyst group, Frost & Sullivan, named it Nearshore Company for the Year 2020, and it was named Nexus Nearshore BPO of the Year in 2019 by Nearshore Americas

According to Brad Jones, Senior Director of Global Public Relations and Communications, this worldwide provider of CX services and technology believes in the people of Jamaica and fully plans to continue contributing to communities, and providing good jobs to help them thrive both economically, and professionally.

ibex“We have found the Caribbean, and the Island of Jamaica especially, to be very supportive of our industry and this extends even to the local government support,” says Jones. “They have partnered with us and have been a stakeholder in our success. Additionally, we have experienced incredible support from government-backed organizations such as JAMPRO, and the Special Economic Zone Authorities.” In addition, ibex partnerships extend to the private sector and local businesses.

In addition to having developed a regional expansion strategy, ibex is working to prolong their unprecedented growth with the goal of having 10,000 employees in Jamaica within the next two years. Meanwhile, the company will be expanding its service offerings by introducing higher Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) offerings, while striving to establish the island of Jamaica as the premier location nearshore.

“The Caribbean offers a talented and educated labor pool which is what has made us attractive to our clients, particularly in the financial services and advanced services sector,” Jones says.  “Native English language offerings give us the opportunity to hire talent for specific skill sets that benefit the sectors we support instead of for language capabilities.”

ibexThrough programs like the Global Services Skills Project (GSSP), ibex is able to recruit employees who are on a career path, and are looking for companies to join where they can work toward long-term professional success. Those employees are eager to work with customers in specialized areas. The company’s current position as the largest private employer in Jamaica and one of the largest in the Caribbean, strengthens its ability to create effective strategies, as well as bolstering its capacity for excellence in service delivery.

As the world further relies on and adapts to both BPO and KPO during the COVID-19 pandemic, more business services will continue to go online. According to ibex, that trend isn’t going away. That trend, combined with other global factors, stands to increase the demand for outsourcing, creating the environment for ibex and the Caribbean to safely execute their plans for market growth. Jones adds that the Caribbean’s proximity to the US and Canada, as well as its native language capabilities, and the proposal of easy scalability will continue to position the islands as a “go to” destination for global business services. 

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