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21 Oct 2021


Infertility is becoming more common than ever before. One of the reasons for this problem is that more and more people are waiting longer to have children. Sadly, failure to conceive can put a strain on the mental, physical, and emotional health of the couple that makes conception and carrying a child to term even more difficult. To combat that stress, many couples seeking help are now choosing to get fertility treatment in a setting that gives them more time together, and a romantic, stress-free environment to enjoy that time. What could be better than white sandy beaches, azure seas, swaying palm trees, and a deliciously warm climate? 

With its leisurely pace and island paradise setting, Barbados Fertility Centre is an ideal destination for fertility care. The Centre offers an array of treatments, it is the only Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) unit in the Caribbean region, and it has state-of-the art locations in Barbados, The Cayman Islands, and Trinidad. Best of all, its success rates surpass the national averages for both the USA and the UK, while its cost for a full IVF cycle is less than half the cost of both of those countries.

The Centre wasn’t originally intended to be a worldwide destination. When it first opened its doors in 2002, it predominantly served Barbados-based patients. Thanks to its many success stories, word soon traveled far and wide. Since 2002, the Centre has routinely worked with patients from places as far away as New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. 

One of the largest increases in the Centre’s patient demographics has come from the United States. That segment of the patient population has grown year after year. Today the annual patient arrival from the USA is more than the Centre’s entire patient count of its first 10 years combined. 

Barbados Fertility Clinic“In regards to the Caribbean, there isn’t a single island that doesn’t have a BFC baby on it!” says Anna Hosford, Clinic Director. “We are the best fertility clinic in the Caribbean with full IVF centres in Barbados and Cayman. Our patients travel from all over the world for our high success, low cost, and personalised care. Being situated on one of the most beautiful islands in the world is pretty unique too!”

According to Hosford, the island of Barbados is almost as much of a draw to patients as the Centre’s high success and affordable costs. “Our patients draw from the natural beauty of the island to help with their difficult journey to family building,” Hosford explains. “When we first meet them, they are a little anxious to be coming to the clinic for the first time and by the end of their treatment, they normally come in with sand between their toes and a warm glow radiating from them!”

He adds that most of these patients say that they didn’t realize that they needed a vacation as they went through fertility treatment.

When asked about moving to the Caribbean, Hosford concludes. “There are huge opportunities here . . . . . You won’t regret it!”