Barbados Welcomes YOU and YOUR Investment

Barbados Welcomes YOU and YOUR Investment Main Photo

13 May 2023

Barbados is a centre for global business. It’s strongest sectors are real estate, wholesale and retail trade, business and financial services. Additional growth is being experienced in wealth management, insurance, global education, information & communication technology (ICT), renewable energy, medicinal cannabis, fintech and niche manufacturing industries. Developing subsectors offer investor opportunities specifically in the areas of transportation and storage , tourism, private education and health, manufacturing and public administration, defence and social security.

barbados mapBarbados supports industry growth through robust infrastructure and telecommunications networks, an educated workforce, and competitive costs and tax structures. The pro-business government has implemented policies to make it more financially beneficial to operate in the country. Barbados is the only Caribbean jurisdiction with an established and growing Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) network that enables investors to enhance their global competitive advantage.

Geographically, Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands, located where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Barbados seldom experiences the direct impact of hurricanes given its geographical location outside of the typical hurricane path. Reaching Barbados is easy when flying direct from cities like New York, Washington DC, Miami, Toronto, and London.

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